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People Are Relating Hard To This Viral ‘Some Of Y’all… And It Shows’ Meme


What posts will end up becoming a meme are often hard to determine.

Just what pulls something into the public consciousness and makes people go "I need to do/say/post that too"?

Often, it's just because people relate to it, and the new "Some of y'all...and it shows" meme is no exception.

The uses for this meme seem endless. It's only text, so no photo editing ability is necessary, and it requires just the time it takes to type a tweet to use it. People are using it in quite a variety of ways.

Uses of the meme range from calling people out on behavior: discussion of crushes... other personal experiences that are totally relatable.

The nostalgia coming from this one is palpable.

And then there's the requisite K-Pop.

"Some of y'all...and it shows" seems like it will be sticking around for a while.

It's near universal application and ease of use are two of the things a lasting meme needs. We look forward to seeing what people come up with!