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Video Of Snake Getting Stung By Angry Wasp As It Eats Another Snake Is Peak Florida


A snake has been captured on video getting stung by an insect as it attempts to eat another snake.

In the clip, an insect, thought to be a yellowjacket wasp, is seen landing on a coral snake, which itself appears to be trying to eat a dead rat snake.

It was taken by Evangeline Cummings, a University of Florida employee, in her back yard in Gainesville.

Cummings said on Twitter she was not sure how the rat snake ended up in the rose bush in the first place, but her favorite theory was that it had been dropped by a hawk.

She said of the scene:

“Snakes are common…but I've never seen snake on snake violence let alone the intervening angry wasp!"

While "Florida Man" may be infamous to non-Floridians, the Florida wildlife has proven even more disturbing to people on Twitter.

While this scene may not fit in with a Disney cartoon, there's no denying it's the (bizarre) circle of life.

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