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Viral Video Gives A POV Look At What It's Like To Be Rescued By A Dog If You're Buried In The Snow

Viral Video Gives A POV Look At What It's Like To Be Rescued By A Dog If You're Buried In The Snow

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England recently tweeted a video of what it would be like to be buried in snow and rescued by one of their search and rescue dogs. The video is from the perspective of the person trapped under the snow, and you can see the dog discover the trapped person and begin digging them out.

The dog, whose name is Search Dog Flo, alerts their handler and then begins the process of digging out the trapped person.

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs is a small non-profit that trains and handles search and rescue dogs in England, and is part of Search and Rescue Dog Association, a larger organization that covers all of the UK.

From their about page:

"The Search and Rescue Dog Association was formed in Scotland in 1965 by Hamish MacInnes, team leader of the Glencoe Mountain Rescue team at the time. He attended an International Red Cross Search Dog course in Switzerland where the were training and assessing avalanche search dogs."
"He saw the potential for using dogs to search for lost walkers and climbers within the UK. Upon his return to the United Kingdom. Hamish started training his two German Shepherd's Rangi and Tiki."
"In Dec 1964 a training course with Mountain Rescue Members from throughout the UK was held in Glencoe, encouraged by this course, and the potential shown by the dogs. A meeting was held in May 1965 and SARDA was formed."
"SARDA initially covered the whole of the UK. By 1971 it had become devolved into Scottish, English and Welsh associations. Further developments led to the modern day, with the present formation of Associations: Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England, Lake District Search Dogs, SARDA Ireland North, SARDA Ireland South, SARDA Scotland, SARDA South Wales, SARDA Southern Scotland, SARDA Wales and SARDA Isle of Man."
"Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England is a member of Mountain Rescue England and Wales"

The hard working doggo in the video is a Border Collie named Flo.

People were quick to say what a good doggo Flo is, and congratulate her for her hard work!

Search and rescue dogs do amazing work, and the hours of training required of the dogs and their handlers lead to skills that are nothing short of extraordinary.