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This Viral Video Of Giant Wave Crashing Into Unsuspecting Tourist Has Everyone Saying 'Ouch'


A video taken on the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan has captured the attention of Chinese social media.

The video shows a woman posing for a photo with her arms outstretched as a big wave rolls in.

Things don't go exactly as to plan, though, as the wave tops the cliff and crashes into her and some other nearby tourists.

The woman was not identified, but appears to have suffered only minor injuries from the experience.

You can view the video below:

*Content Warning: people screaming and human injury.*

Most who commented were shocked:

Surprisingly, the woman sustained only minor injuries. A later video shared to Twitter shows her with what appears to be a cut on her shoulder and several bruises, but she is sitting up and talking.

Quite a few people were concerned for her safety and thankful that the woman wasn't more severely injured.

The area of Nusa Lembongan has been nicknamed "Devil's Tears" because of the spray that hangs in the air after waves. These waves are known to be very strong, and can appear suddenly.

These waves are, in large part, what makes the island such a popular tourist destination.

One Twitter user offered caution to anyone posing for photos: be careful where you pose.

Mother nature has a mind of her own and situations can change quickly, especially when dealing with the ocean. The woman was lucky that she only received minor injuries, as the situation could have been so much worse. We hope that she recovers from her injuries quickly!