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Unvaccinated Woman Has Epic Meltdown After Being Kicked Off Cruise Ship For Testing Positive

Unvaccinated Woman Has Epic Meltdown After Being Kicked Off Cruise Ship For Testing Positive

An unvaccinated woman who had tested positive for the virus responsible for the pandemic went on a tirade after being kicked off a cruise ship.

TikToker user @amethyst216 recorded her meltdown and posted the video in which she complained how "ridiculous" her ordeal was as she was being wheeled off in a wheelchair from Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas.

The post was captioned with:

"Went on #RoyalCaribbeanFreedomOfTheSea July2 We gave them our negative [the virus] test & they accidentally gave us a band 4 vaccinated ppl. #foryoupage."

In the video, she explained the entire floor to her room was closed off.

The camera showed a stack of luggage individually wrapped in plastic on a cart as a safety measure to contain the possible remnants of the viral pathogen from spreading.

"Look at our luggage; it's wrapped in freaking plastic," she said, and offered a silver lining.

"Well, it won't get dirty at the airport. One good thing, right?"

From there, things went south, full steam ahead.

WARNING: NSFW language


Went on #RoyalCaribbeanFreedomOfTheSea July2 We gave them our negative Covid test &they accidentally gave us a band 4 vaccinated ppl. #foryoupage

A number of cruise staffers were seen in the ship's corridors in full hazmat gear and sanitizing various surfaces as the woman was being hauled away past them.

She continued ranting:

"Look, they sanitized everything, as if we're really contagious, as if I really had [the virus]; I had [the virus] three months ago."

According to The Center for Disease Control and Infection, reinfection from the virus is rare but is still a possibility.

When she saw an ambulance waiting for her as a precautionary measure just outside the ship's exit, her anger and anxiety cranked up a few notches and the F-bombs began to drop.

"You're not putting me in no ambulance," she yelled and insisted she stay onboard and demanded for a letter of complaint to sign.

When staffers began to take her down the ramp, she threatened to jump out of the wheelchair and yelled:

"If I get hurt, you'll be doubly responsible! Put the breaks on right now because we ain't freakin' moving!"
"I'm gonna be in charge of my own f'king life."

Then, she turned the camera on herself and addressed viewers to indicate the cruise ship was making everything up.

"They're f'king lying!" she shrieked while pulling down her face mask.

She settled down and said she might have a heart attack and described her symptoms that were ironically similar to those of the contagion.

"I feel very dizzy...I feel tightness in my chest right now," she said.

"If I have a heart live on Instagram, won't this be a freakin' story for the printed press."

Anyone who was apprehensive about cruising suddenly showed interest in Royal Caribbean after seeing her meltdown.








When a person from the medical transport entered the ship and asked about the delay, she explained the reason for her tantrum.

"I'm fuming because the cruise ship required us to get a PCR test prior to coming on the cruise ship which we complied. We did that. We checked in negative."
"I had [the virus] three months ago. I have high antibodies. My doctor got the blood work done."

In a follow-up video, the woman claimed Royal Caribbean falsified her test for the viral pathogen and alleged she was mistakenly given a wrist band meant to identify vaccinated passengers instead of those who were non-vaccinated.

Later, when the ship's security staff allegedly tested her for the virus, she said she "knew" the result would be positive, and she blamed the ship for placing her "around vaccinated people who were not tested for [the virus] [who] could be a carrier, asymptomatic, and not even know about it."

She went on to say she will board the ambulance under the condition she gets a letter of complaint to sign.

In a final video, she was given her ICU flight details back to New York and maintained her test for the virus was a false positive.


#FakeCovid #Covid19 #RoyalCaribbean put us on a medical plane so we wouldn't talk to other cruisers about their mistake! #foryou Please Share part4

According to Royal Caribbean's website, vaccination is "recommended," with the exception of one port in Florida.

But the website also states:

"Since the majority of our guests will be vaccinated onboard, there will be venues and events restricted to vaccinated guests only."