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People Are Sharing 'Unpopular' Opinions That Actually Aren't So Unpopular


The "Unpopular Opinion" meme has been circulating on Twitter for a little while now.

People share an opinion that they hold and believe to be unpopular; pretty simple, right?

Some of those "unpopular opinions" turned out to be pretty popular, though.

With a recent resurgence in the meme over the last couple of days, there are lots of surprisingly popular opinions being shared on Twitter.

Opinions shared ranged from subjects like fashion choices and food to music and human behaviors.


In case you agree, here is The Best OF Nickelback.


But what about Krispy Kreme coffee?

Iconic sports moments:

Pop culture:


The Human Experience:

Casual reminder the Flint hasn't had clean water in almost 5 years.

It's clear that even if you think your opinion is unpopular, there are likely lots of people who agree with you.

The internet is all about bringing people together, right?