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Tucker Carlson Dragged After Declaring We Should 'All Stop Lying' In Order To Bring The Country Together

Fox News

If there's one clear takeaway from the 2020 elections, it's that America remains a deeply polarized and divided nation. Many pundits and analysts have been attempting to figure out how the nation can fix this problem.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson came up with a solution on his program this past Monday, November 9.

Carlson's idea might have been a pretty good one if not for the fact that he was the person delivering it. The Fox host said:

"How do we bring the country together? How do we calm things down? How do we make an America you want to live in? And the only answer, the only solution, is honesty."
"Let's all stop lying. Lying about everything that matters. Everyday of our lives. That's what we're doing now. Have you noticed? How many times did you lie today cause you had to? Let's repeal our national dishonesty mandate."

Tucker Carlson is known for many things, but his honesty is not one of them.

Many on Twitter suspected Tucker's ideas for fixing America were inspired by his own shortcomings.

Other, more cynical Twitter users felt that Tucker was attacking those who disagree with him as liars without acknowledging his own misinformation spreading.

Fox News recently argued in court that Tucker Carlson is, essentially, a liar. They won the lawsuit.

For many, the irony was almost too much to handle.

It seems the internet agrees with you, Tucker Carlson! A little honesty could really help America, starting on the very show you host.