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Trump's Recent Attacks On Bob Woodward Awkwardly Undermined By One Of His Own Old Tweets

MANDEL NGAN/Getty Images; Michael Kovac/Getty Images

President Trump has done or said so many things contradicting his pre-presidential critiques of Barack Obama that the phrase "there's a tweet for everything" has become an unofficial slogan of Trump's years in office.

The President's critiques of Bob Woodward, the journalist author of the upcoming expose of the Trump presidency, Rage, are no different.

Woodward's upcoming book reportedly reveals that the President was well-aware of the virus's danger in February while insisting to the American public that everything was safe and under control, costing the nation valuable time and thousands of lives.

In response, President Trump described the book as "just another political hit job" and "boring." He then described Woodward as "rapidly fading."

But, of course, there's a tweet for everything. Back in 2013, President Trump had a different feeling about criticizing Bob Woodward.

Twitter quickly highlighted Trump's continued hypocrisy.

There's no one worse for Donald Trump than Donald Trump.

Twitter was not at all surprised that President Trump had once again contradicted himself.

In another couple of years, Trump may come back and say Bob Woodward is the most trusted voice in America.

It's entirely dependent on whether Woodward is being nice to him at the moment.

With Trump's Twitter output, tracking down this thought from 2013 couldn't have been easy.

Rage by Bob Woodward will be available for purchase next week, mere months before President Trump faces reelection.