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Trump Supporter Pulls Gun On Group Of Teenage Girls In Viral Video After Getting Splashed With Water


A Trump supporter in Woodinville, Washington, was caught on video pointing a gun at a group of teenage girls after being splashed with water by a third party who was not present at the time.

In the video, the young women shouted at the man to put away his weapon as he threateningly walked towards them, gun out and aimed at them.

The man originally took out his weapon because another man, who ran away before the video began, splashed "dirty water" on him.

The man later claimed to police he wasn't sure what the water might have been, but felt threatened enough to pull out his gun.

A woman tries to pull the man away in the video, but he insists on staying near the teenage girls with his gun fully drawn.

On Twitter, many hoped the man would face consequences for his dangerous, threatening actions.

Sadly, as is so often the case when a threatening person is White, the police took no action and let him leave the scene.

No responsible person would draw their gun on a group of unarmed teenagers.

Disturbing behavior like this has become fairly common during the last four year, with President Trump refusing to disavow, and sometimes even encourage, those who lash out against his critics with violence.

In divisive times like these, true leaders do everything they can to discourage violence, not egg it on.