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Trump Roasted After Boasting That He's A 'Star-Maker' Who Sometimes Makes Stars Out Of 'Garbage'

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Following Donald Trump's tumultuous four-year stint in the highest executive office in the United States, Trump's staff and administration have slowly begun turning on the former President, citing toxic work environments and unhinged moments with Trump.

Trump's usual playbook, which is to attack anybody who speaks out against him, has not subsided in his post-Twitter days. When speaking about the people who are now turning on him, Trump made himself the maker of their success, saying "nobody had ever heard of some of these people" until he hired them for his administration.

Trump or his spokesperson wrote:

"Many say I am the greatest star-maker of all time."
"But some of the stars I produced are actually made of garbage."

People pointed out they thought the "stars" Trump made were "made of garbage" long before Trump finally admitted it himself.

Trump's ego is fragile and his tendency to blow up at anybody who crosses him is common knowledge at this point.

But the way in which he continuously insults the people who counter him never stops being childish.

Meanwhile, the former President continues to exert a large amount of influence over the Republican party.

But will he succeed again in a 2024 bid for President as he continues to throw people under the bus?