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Trump's Desire To Build A 'Space Force' Was Met Was Some Out-Of-This-World Jokes 😂

Trump's Desire To Build A 'Space Force' Was Met Was Some Out-Of-This-World Jokes 😂
Twitter: @smackiepipe

On Monday, President Donald Trump announced his intention to form a "space force," which he said would be a "separate but equal" branch of the military.

Despite the fact that the weaponization of space is explicitly forbidden by international treaty, the president said during a press conference that "it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space - we must have American dominance in space."

"I am hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as a sixth branch of the armed forces," Trump decreed. "We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force—separate but equal. It is going to be something. So important."

Trump emphasized the importance of calling it a "space force."

"I was saying it the other day, because we're doing a tremendous amount of work in space - maybe we need a new force, we'll call it the space force."

Of course, establishing a new branch of the military, along with having a way to pay for it, requires the approval of Congress.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) torpedoed the idea, tweeting that "now is not the time to rip the Air Force apart."

So how many people are taking Trump's idea seriously?

Literally no one, because President Ronald Reagan had this same idea and it was a total no-go.

And Twitter was flooded with some valuable feedback for the president.

"If you want to create a Space Force, I'm your guy. I was once Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire," tweeted Darth Vader. "Give me a call when you can."

Comedian Christopher Titus jabbed at Trump's racist immigration policies, saying that white people can finally "go to galaxies where brown people can't follow!"

One person compared the directive to a middle school student government candidate promising "pizza every day for lunch."

Democratic strategist Keith Boykin was impressed that Trump plans on conquering the galaxy "at a time when we struggle to get food and electricity to Puerto Rico and clean water to Flint."

We can't help but fear, however, that the plot of Avatar could easily come to fruition under a neo-conservative space force.

And since Trump said the space force would be "separate but equal" to the Air Force (cringe), there had better be "standard issue laser rifles" for those who enlist.