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Trump Blasted After Calling Marine Vet Congressman An 'American Fraud' On Memorial Day

Trump Blasted After Calling Marine Vet Congressman An 'American Fraud' On Memorial Day
MANDEL NGAN/Getty Images, The Washington Post/Getty Images

Among patriots, Memorial Day is a holiday meant to honor our nation's fallen.

But the solemnity of the day didn't stop President Donald Trump from attacking his critics and political opponents on Twitter.

Trump used Memorial Day to attack Congressman and Marine Corps veteran Conor Lamb, a Democrat who won a long-held Republican seat in the House of Representatives during the 2018 elections.

While endorsing Lamb's competitor, Trump described the Congressman as an "American fraud" and a "puppet for Crazy Nancy Pelosi," despite being one of only 15 Democrats who didn't vote for her to be Speaker of the House.

Though Trump has since deleted the tweet (likely due to the backlash it received), the original read:

"Sean Parnell is an American Hero. Connor Lamm has proven to be an American fraud, and a puppet for Crazy Nancy Pelosi. He said he would NOT vote for her for Speaker, and did. Will kill 2A. Voted to impeach (on nothing). A TOTAL & COMPLETE Sean Parnell Endorsement!"

Of course, fact checking the President wasn't difficult.

Trump's tweet inspired immediate backlash for obvious reasons.

Lamb was brave enough to serve in a way President Trump never did.

Sean Parnell, Lamb's opponent in the upcoming election, didn't seem particularly disturbed by his inclusion in the tweet.

Twitter let Parnell know he should be a little less excited.

President Trump also misspelled Lamb's name in his original tweet, making it clear just how little effort he puts into his inappropriate attacks.

Trump deleted his tweet shortly after, not to correct his lies, but to make sure he had the right spelling of "Lamb."

Most people online recognized Lamb had served our country before taking office far more than Trump ever has.

Voters will get the chance to let Trump and Sean Parnell how they feel about his online lie-mongering this upcoming November.