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Trump Tells Fox News He's The 'Most Honest Person' After His 'Perfect' Georgia Recordings

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

During an appearance on Fox News this past Tuesday, March 16, former President Donald Trump repeated his earlier lie his calls to Georgia election officials (pressuring them to find votes in his favor) were "perfect" and "beautiful."

This time, however, Trump followed up his claim by saying he might be the "most honest person" there is.


Trump told Maria Bartiromo:

"Actually, when you hear the tape, you'd say 'Donald Trump could be the most honest person.' It was a beautiful and perfect statement."

Twitter didn't know who the "most honest" person was, but they were pretty sure it wasn't Trump.

Many people online were happy statements like this one are so much less common now Trump has been banned from most social media.

It's hard to believe anyone in the world is still buying Trump's claims.

Does Trump himself buy into his lies?

We may never know.

Former President Trump remains a fixture on Fox News, where the conservative network's hosts give him carte blanche to say whatever he wants, regardless of the facts.