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Former Michigander Bombarded With Angry Calls After Trump Campaign Posts Wrong Number For Michigan Lawmaker

Former Michigander Bombarded With Angry Calls After Trump Campaign Posts Wrong Number For Michigan Lawmaker
Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Trump campaign recently posted a tweet urging supporters to reach out to Michigan lawmaker Lee Chatfield (who they falsely identified as the state's House Speaker).

The President wanted supporters to pressure Chatfield into "decertifying" the state's election results. Thousands reached out to the phone number provided by the Trump campaign.

Unfortunately, the number provided did not belong to Lee Chatfield but was in fact the number of a 28-year-old Michigan native who has since moved to California.

The private citizen, who asked to be identified as O Rose, was quickly bombarded with so many calls and messages they couldn't keep up. She told The Washington Post:

"My phone can't even take it anymore — it's breaking. I was getting so many calls it was impossible to do anything with my phone."

According to the Petoskey News-Review, Rose tried at first to explain to people who reached out that she was not Chatfield, but was met with hostile disbelief in many cases.

After a while, Rose began to respond with "memes, photos of rabbits, pie recipes and more."

Rose says nothing will dissuade the Trump supporters who have been messaging her:

"For some reason, even though I send them some ridiculous things, they still think I'm Lee [Chatfield] and they still keep trying to tell me what they want and they say, 'I'm sending this to the president!'"

The California resident was made aware of the Trump campaign's mistake when their father was sent the inaccurate tweet by a friend, urging Rose's father to reach out to Chatfield.

Rose is more than a little frustrated by the Trump campaign's incompetence.

"I'm being personally affected by a decision that [Trump] made without fact-checking, and that's the silliest thing I've ever heard."

For many online, it seems the Trump campaign is simply unable to do anything right.

Which is unsurprising, considering they lost the election two months ago and are continuing to insist things aren't over.

Though Donald Trump's incompetence is particularly noticeable to many at times such as this, Republican lawmakers continue to stand by him and encourage their followers to do the same.