People Are Trolling Trump With All The Ways He Could Alter Things With A Sharpie

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, @carriesmith1123/Twitter

The internet is trolling President Trump with various "Sharpie" memes after he presented a map during a Hurricane Dorian briefing that appeared to be altered with a marker.

As Hurricane Dorian continued on its path towards the U.S. over the weekend, leaving devastation and an increasing death toll in its wake, Trump decided to play his hand at being a weather forecaster.

It all started when Trump incorrectly tweeted on Sunday that Alabama would "most likely" be in the direct path of Hurricane Dorian.

But within minutes, Trump's claim was quickly shot down by the National Weather Service.

Instead of acknowledging his error and moving on, Trump instead opted to use an outdated map during a briefing in the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon that looked altered to fit Trump's original prediction.

After being called out for the edited map, Trump tried to defend it on Twitter adding:

"I accept the Fake News apologies!"

Pretty soon, #TrumpSharpie and #SharpieGate started trending as people began sharing examples of how a permanent marker could fix all of Trump's problems.

And there was no shortage of awkward moments and claims to choose from.

And while we're add it, maybe we can use this magic Sharpie to our advantage.

Harold and his purple crayon would certainly be proud.


You can get a set of 30 Sharpies in a rainbow of colors (don't tell Mike Pence) here. Or you can get a special edition set of 6 colorful metallics here.


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