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Trump Just Begged Suburban Women To 'Please Like Me'—And Women Responded With A Resounding 'No'

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

During a rally in Pennsylvania this past Tuesday, October 15, President Trump attempted a new tactic to win back some of the suburban women voters who have supported Joe Biden in recent polls.

Waving his hands in the air, Trump simply begged suburban women to "please like [him]," saying:

"Suburban women, would you please like me? Please. Please. I saved your d*mn neighborhood, OK?"

The President's critics have been quick to point out that his claims of "saving" suburbs by making it harder to build low-income housing are a fairly obvious racist dog-whistle.

Without saying as much, the President seems to want credit for "saving" suburbs by keeping minorities (who he associates with low-income housing) out of them.

On Twitter, an army of suburban women gathered to politely decline Trump's request.

President Trump does have this in favor: most Presidents wouldn't stoop so low as to simply beg citizens to love them.

Many suburban women seemed confused at why the President thought this line might work.

Trump was swiftly made fun of for his comments by many of Twitter's comedians and pundits.

If President Trump wants to win back the support of suburban women, he'll probably have to do more than simply ask for it.