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T-Mobile Worker Expertly Tricks Man Throwing Tantrum Into Going Outside So She Can Lock Him Out

T-Mobile Worker Expertly Tricks Man Throwing Tantrum Into Going Outside So She Can Lock Him Out

No one puts baby in a corner... Unless it's a T-Mobile employee.

A video is going viral on TikTok after it showed one T-Mobile employee's expert deescalation skills being put to the test after a man threw a tantrum in the store.

The fifteen-second TikTok posted by @33myron has garnered over three million views, 440,000 likes, and nearly 8,000 comments since being posted just four days ago.

In the video, a man can be seen standing at the entryway of the T-Mobile location, holding his phone out as if to record the employees on shift.

It was at this time one employee adapted to the evolving situation and thought on her feet.

The T-Mobile employee walks into frame and can be heard telling the man that she'd take care of him "right over here."

Here being outside the store.

The man, having fallen for the employee's lie, was happy to comply with the woman's directions thinking it would mean he'd have an opportunity to share his seeming displeasure with an employee.

The man then walks out the doors only to have the employee close and lock the door behind him, effectively ending whatever situation precipitated her actions.

TikTokers praised the woman for quickly finding a solution with little fuss or commotion.




As the man exits the store, he turns to the female employee telling her he needed to talk to her for a second.

Viewers can hear the woman reply with a noncommittal “Sure, sure,” prior to locking the door once the man had fully vacated the premises.




The TikTok world was quick to praise the employee for standing up for herself and her co-workers.

They were also disparaging of the behavior displayed by the man in the video, stating behavior of this nature was baiting, immature and inappropriate.

Many users declared the employee deserved an award for her quick thinking and fast actions.




It is unclear from the video what caused the incident to occur but one thing is for sure, this retail employee can add 'deescalation' to her resume as a coveted skill.