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Trans TikToker Explains To Her Little Brother What Being Trans Means—And His Reaction Is Everything

Trans TikToker Explains To Her Little Brother What Being Trans Means—And His Reaction Is Everything

A transgender TikToker lovingly explaining to her little brother what it means to be trans is giving the internet all the feels.

According to Queerty, TikToker Therealsnowsister–a.k.a. @bigsnoww_–is a 20-year-old stylist/personality/graphic designer.

She filmed a video asking her 9-year-old brother what transgender means and how her changing genders tomorrow would make him feel.

The overlaying text in the clip read:

"Asking my brother how he will feel about me transitioning."

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The brother–who is off-camera–responded:

“What?! I would be confused as heck!"

When asked why he would be confused, he replied:

"You’re a boy who wanted to transgender into a girl? That would make me confused.”

The TikToker calmly explained to him about the common dilemma experienced by many in the trans community.

"What if I don’t feel right in this gender? What if I’m sad in this gender and would be happy another gender?”

"Okay," the boy responded, adding:

“That would be good for you."

Determined to see the hopeful conversation through to the end, she continued:

"So what if I'm sad right now and I don't like walking around getting haircuts? What if I feel better with wigs and makeup on?"

He told her it would make her feel "normal" since she already wears her hair long.

After a playful disagreement on whether or not she already sports long locks, she asked her little brother:

"Would you still love me the same?"

To which he immediately replied:


And when she asked him if he would still be confused, he said:

"No. Because you already told me what you feel like.”

TikTokers were moved by the heart to heart between the siblings that led to understanding in 90 seconds.









When a commenter told her they were impressed by the way she presented the conversation, the TikToker replied:

"Yesss I wanted to just talk and not force it on him I was gon respect anything he said."

Queerty noted how such conversations with young people were extremely important–especially in a climate where right-wing politicians vilify the the LGBTQ+ community.

When another TikToker detected her eyes getting misty towards the end, she confirmed:

"Yess I was close to crying."

We're already there.