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Woman Admits She Never Washes Her Hands After Using The Bathroom—And Ignites Fierce Debate

TikToker @sophiashattersonxoxo even admitted that she pretends to wash her hands if she has guests over by just letting the water run for a bit.

TikTok screenshots of @sophiashattersonxoxo

TikToker @sophiashattersonxoxo came clean - only figuratively - in a video she posted admitting one of her nasty habits.

The creator, Sophia, felt the need to share some quite intimate information on the very public platform to "expose" her bathroom routine norm.

In the now-viral video - which has been viewed nearly a million times already - Sophia shared:

"I'm going to expose myself because I feel like it's really weird that I do this and I don't know if other people do this."

What is this "weird" secret she has to get off her chest, you ask?

Well, urine for a treat.

Sophia revealed:

"... I don't always wash my hands after I pee, especially if I'm in my own house, right?"

She continued:

"I know how to pee in a way that doesn't make a mess on myself."

Sophia then elaborated:

"I do this thing where if I have guests over and I go to pee, I'll turn my sink on and pretend to wash my hands, and kill some time so that they think I have washed my hands but I haven't."
"So, I actually go through the process of wasting both water and time just to kind of keep up with a lie that actually doesn't matter."

Well, it certainly doesn't now...

You can watch her confession below.

Sophia finished her video with a question:

"Anyway, anyone else do that?"

And viewers answered.

The obvious response, of course, should have been a resounding, "Ew."





But you'd be surprised at the number of commenters sharing their relief (yeah we did) that they aren't alone in their faux hygiene practices.






Just as a reminder - as we are still technically living in a pandemic - the CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds after using the toilet to "remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others."

But, that's just what the experts are saying.