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Deaf Woman Goes Viral For Guessing What Everyday Objects Sound Like—And It's Kind Of Amazing

Deaf Woman Goes Viral For Guessing What Everyday Objects Sound Like—And It's Kind Of Amazing

A deaf woman has become a viral sensation recently because of a handful of delightful TikToks showing her uncanny ability to guess what everyday objects sound like.

Jessica Gossett and her sister Ashley, who is hearing, have been creating TikToks together showing Jessica's knack for sussing out the sounds of everything from a squeaky dog toy to her sister's speaking voice.

The videos are such a perfect combo of fascinating and uplifting some of them have racked up tens of millions of views, like this one in which Jessica sort of weirdly and perfectly nails the sound of a toilet and a kettlebell.

If a kettlebell could talk it would probably sound like that, right? Jessica's also got a talent for animal sounds--well, except for horses maybe.

But it's when Jessica imitates Ashley that the women really get the giggles--and it's totally contagious.

So who are these delightful people?

Ashley, 26, has full hearing ability while Jessica, 23, was born completely deaf in her left ear but can hear very loud and high-pitched sounds in her right--think screams or really high-volume music.

They recently told BuzzFeed that when they were growing up, they weren't able to do a lot of things most siblings would do together--like go to the movies, for example--which might explain why they have such a talent for making each other crack up. They quickly noticed that their shtick together made others laugh too, and a TikTok sensation was born.

As Jessica told BuzzFeed:

"We started getting hundreds of messages telling us that our videos brought them joy when they were having a hard day, and we just knew we had to keep going."

Ashley added that the sisters are thrilled they can give people a moment of levity while also shedding light on a community many might not know much about.

"I think a lot of people have had to quarantine from their family and friends and are missing moments like this. It's also not something most people have really thought about — what does a deaf person think things sound like."

They've also heard from people who are uncomfortable with their videos, feelings like they'd be disrespectful to laugh. But the sisters say that's the opposite of how they feel.

"We want you to laugh with us. Jessica has an amazing sense of humor and we have always been like this. Enjoy it with us!"

And that is exactly what their fellow TikTokers have been doing.











So there you have it. A new thing to bring some happy vibes in these trying times. Thanks, Ashley and Jessica!