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This Toddler Dancing To Beyoncé With A Corndog Is A Mood That Will Take You All The Way Through The Weekend

This Toddler Dancing To Beyoncé With A Corndog Is A Mood That Will Take You All The Way Through The Weekend
Brooke Mooney/YouTube, @emuhhlayyy/Twitter

Per the KonMari method, we must focus on the things that bring us joy, embrace them, and never let go. Things like, I dunno, music by Beyoncé. We could all afford to release some pent-up energy and cut a rug every now and then, and what better motivator than Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love" to get our impulsive groove on?

Also: corn dogs. Few guilty pleasures hit the spot with the savory twist on a hot dog smothered in corn meal butter and deep-fried to perfection. You might get heartburn, but the spark of joy it brings makes up for possible gastrointestinal distress.

Finally, children. Teach them well and let them lead the way, folks. Nothing compares to the innocent joy of a child's laughter. And they sure are cute.

However, you don't know what cute is yet, because you haven't met 2-year-old Baylor.

Brooke Mooney filmed a homemade music video that combined all three elements mentioned above that spark the ultimate joy to fulfill your happiness quota for the year.

In the video, Mooney's adorable daughter is dancing to Queen Bey while having a firm grip on her corn dog like a hand-held mic. To amplify the mood, Mooney turned on a fan for the requisite wind-machine effect that is compulsory for only the fiercest music videos.

I dare you to watch this YouTube video of Baylor, stone-faced. The corner of your lips won't be able to resist the toddler's infectious charm.

Toddler Girl with Corn Dog Dances to Beyoncé

Mooney captioned the video with an explanation for the joyful jig.

"Our almost two-year-old little girl loves to dance, and after being inspired by another little girl dancing, we caught the most epic hair blowing, corn dog eating, Beyoncé dancing video!"

When Ellen features the video, you know Baylor's hit the big time.

With over 495K views, the video is spreading much-needed love and laughter over the internet.

The props make a huge difference.

A single viewing won't suffice.

When it comes to sparking joy, Baylor gets it. Because she's not getting rid of that corn dog.

Talent runs in this family. Mooney, who lives in Reno, Nevada, told ABC News that Baylor is a ham in front of people she knows and is often joined by her little brother Kash who has his own killer moves.

Their uncle Brecken posted a video of the other talented tot in the Mooney family gettin' down to Bruno Mars's, "Uptown Funk."

When asked how Baylor acquired her mad skills, the proud mom said, "More or less they get their talent from me."

If the Mooneys ever throw a house party, I'm grabbing my corn dog.