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The Church Of Satan Responded After Christian Bale Thanked Satan For Inspiring His Portrayal Of Dick Cheney In 'Vice' 😂

Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Christian Bale gave a shout out to Satan during his Golden Globes acceptance speech and, trust us, this article just gets better from there.

Bale was awarded the Golden Globe for best actor for his portrayal of Dick Cheney in the biopic Vice. Anyone who is a fan of Bale's work knows that he tends to immerse himself in every role he plays, and that immersion can sometimes lead to a sense of sympathy for the character. Sure, they may do terrible things, but Bale is often able to find something in there that he can empathize with. In the end, the role can leave him with a deeper connection and understanding.

That wasn't the case this time. Bale pulled no punches with his acceptance speech. That cutting wit and humor were on full display as he thanked his wife, his co-creators, and then Satan for the inspiration on how to properly play Dick Cheney.

Check out his speech. (Warning: Some of you may not be aware, but Christian Bale is not American. The accent may be jarring if you're not ready for that voice to come out of Bale's mouth. It's all gonna be okay.)


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If you're not able to listen to the speech, here's the relevant bit:

"Thank you to that geezer over there, Adam. He said 'I've got to find somebody who can be absolutely charisma-free and reviled by everybody,' so he went, 'That's got to be Bale. Innit?'"

"Thank you for all the competition, I'll be cornering the market on charisma-free assh*les. What do you think, Mitch McConnell, next? That could be good, couldn't it?"

"Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration onto how to play this role."

He thanked Satan, you guys. The audience found it hilarious, and so did Twitter.

While everyone was busy laughing, it seems Satan was kind of flattered.

The responses were actually pretty interesting.

The conversation quickly devolved into an argument about who the best Batman is. For the record, Satan says it's Bale.

What a world, right?