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Texas GOP Chair Drops And Gives Himself 30 After Reporter Refuses Push-Up Punishment For Being Late


The Texas State Capitol's press conference on May 5 was oddly interrupted by GOP chair Allen West who went straight to the ground and did 30 pushups mid-conference.

The press, who were there to address an anti-trans bill, looked on stunned while a couple of GOP party members cheered for West.

The pushups were originally assigned to a reporter, by West, for arriving late but they "respectfully declined."

People were left searching for the point of West's display.

The anti-trans bill in question would label parents who consent to gender-affirming treatment for their trans children as "child abusers."

Later, ironically, GOP chair Allen West clarified any lawsuits against the new anti-trans legislation were "frivolous" and would be struck down in court.

But frivolous push-ups?

Always time for those.

Allen West's push-up display comes at great cost to human rights, with the bills that his party is pushing.

The GOP's push to codify their bigotry and restrict voting access—instead of focusing on the country's needs—seems to be their only answer to the Biden administration's high approval numbers.