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Taylor Swift Attended One Of Travis Kelce's Football Games—And The Memes Are Already Iconic

The singer poured gasoline on the rumors that she and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end are currently dating after she showed up to the team's game against the Chicago Bears over the weekend.

Taylor Swift; Travis Kelce
Cooper Neill/Getty Images; Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Taylor Swift showed up to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday to cheer on Travis Kelce as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Chicago Bears, adding fuel to the fire that is their rumored romance.

The singer even sat with Donna Kelce, a.k.a. Mama Kelce, in Kelce's family suite. Dressed in Kansas City gear, Swift was observed yelling and chest bumping throughout the game, which ended with a 41-10 Kansas City victory over the Bears.

While Swift's appearance was breaking news all on its own...

(Let's face it, it's what the people wanted.)

... the subsequent memes were absolute internet gold.

"...Ready For It?"

And one particular touchdown celebration by the Grammy winner had the internet absolutely buzzing.

And we just can't get enough.

After the game, Traylor (?) were seen leaving the stadium together.

And driving off into the sunset.

Kansas City's victory wasn't the only win of the night, either. After the game, Travis Kelce's jersey sales jumped 400%!

We have a feeling we'll be seeing lots of #87 jerseys around soon.