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TikToker Sounds Off Over Target Dumpster Full Of Brand New Bikes—And People Are Furious

TikToker Sounds Off Over Target Dumpster Full Of Brand New Bikes—And People Are Furious

As the saying goes, "Waste not, want not."

Based on a TikTok currently making the rounds, it would appear retail giant Target would do well to remember that saying.

A TikTok gained some serious traction and sparked debate after a it revealed what Target does with merchandise, in this case it was unused bicycles, when they aren't sold.


when target can't be bothered to donate 🥴🥴 #dumpsterdiving #dumpsterfinds #fyp #donation #dobetter #MoveWithTommy

On April 21, TikToker @dumpster_finds took to the social media platform to shed some light on the wasteful habits of the retail giant.

The video has spurred a spirited discussion amongst many viewers in the comments section regarding wasteful habits.




Since being posted, the nine-second video has been viewed nearly 300,000 times, received 26,500 likes, and has been liked 1,203 times.

In the video was what appeared to be a large dumpster behind a building. As the individual recording the video approached the dumpster, viewers could see a plethora of bicycles filling the commercial-sized dumpster to the brim.

Off camera, viewers could hear someone saying:

"Bikes, bikes and more bikes."
"New bikes, brand new bikes."
"Like, there's a f*cking bike in a box."

Many comments claimed the reason Target was quick to dispose of the unused items was due to legal reasons.




The wasteful behavior of Target left many seething over the lack of empathy or community outreach that could've been done with the unused merchandise.

According to information published by the USDA, 30% to 40% of the country's food supply is wasted annually. While many stores have donation programs, such as Trader Joe’s which donated nearly $350 million in groceries in 2021, other retailers are faster to throw food and unsold goods into the garbage.

This practice has led to over 90 million tons of clothes-related waste every year. Target joins a long list of companies quick to dispose of items deemed unnecessary or no longer useful.





It would appear the only thing that belongs in the garbage is the way unsold merchandise is being handled by companies.