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MTG Just Spouted Her Theory About Why White Men Watch So Much Porn—And Oh Brother
Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

If you've ever wondered why White men like porn and mass shootings so much, QAnon following Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has an answer.

The reason, according to Greene, is that White men are so discriminated against in America they have no other options than to spend all their time watching skin flicks and playing video games.

Greene made the comments in an appearance on far-right University of Chicago student Daniel Schmidt's podcast, during which she also called White men the "most persecuted identity in America."

Hear a bit of her rant below.

Greene lamented White men are "put bottom on the list of so many things" and credited this supposed mistreatment for their addiction to porn, video games and violence.

She told Schmidt:

“White men are passed over for any kind of promotion or even for being hired in the job place.”

This has led to "hopelessness."

As she explained it:

"They're spending hours and hours, time alone, which turns them to all kind of bad things: porn on the internet, reading crazy stuff in chat rooms—and God knows who's in there saying what they're saying—a lot of time playing video games."

Greene then went on to blame gun violence on this same White male persecution.

“Then we see them go and do these horrible things, unthinkable things, school shootings, or shootings out in public. It is a failure of our society that these things are happening.”

Greene's treatise on porn, mass murder and the plight of White men didn't go over very well on Twitter.

It wasn't only porn and video games Greene railed against, of course.

She also lamented the corrupting influence of feminism, teachers, ADHD and depression medications, some sort of plot to depopulate the planet and, of course, transgender people.