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By now, the world knows Keanu Reeves is pretty much the definition of a good human.

So it stands to reason we will keep uncovering more reasons to love him, right?

Well, in this case, right.

Welcome to a video from 1984 featuring a baby-face Keanu Reeves reporting on the first International Teddy Bear Convention in Canada.

Reeves, with the most adorable bowl cut ever, asks some hard hitting questions:

"Why are all the bears' first names' Teddy?"
"What college did he go to?"

He also has a full on conversation with a Teddy Bear while wearing aviators about a "Bears-Necessity" contest:

"We've got problems, so listen: we'll go down, we'll talk business, and hey, everything will be okay. I love this guy."

People are reaffirming why they love Keanu Reeves.

Reeves has just appeared in the long-awaited continuation of the Bill & Ted saga, entitled Bill & Ted Face The Music.

At the time of filming, Reeves was 20 years old and on the show Going Great. Four years after this, he'd land the role in Dangerous Liaisons that started his acting career.

All of those Teddy Bears can say "I knew him when."