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'Bachelor' Contestant Reveals Staggering Amount She Spent On Clothes For The Show—And TikTok Is Shook

Love doesn't come cheap—and apparently neither do the dresses.

A former contestant on the current season of the romance reality TV show The Bachelor has taken to TikTok to reveal just how much women spend on the dresses they wear throughout the taping of the show.

Needless to say, viewers are holding onto their credit cards a little tighter.


Financial transparency 👸🏾 #thebachelor #whatispent #dresses #greenscreen

Former Bachelor contestant, Daria Rose (@dara.rose), recently took to TikTok to share with her followers the small fortune she invested in her outfits that she planned to wear throughout the season, and it certainly wasn't chump change.

Daria revealed that for the seven outfits she purchased, which consisted of six dresses and one coordinated pants set, she spent over $2,200 for her ensembles.

In addition to these pricey purchases, Daria also informed viewers that the women were responsible for paying for their own hair and makeup.

All of these factors can add up to one major bill at the end of the whole experience, and it's left many Bachelor fans feeling some type of way.




In the 57-second TikTok, Daria takes us through every look she had purchased in anticipation of being a contestant on The Bachelor, along with a cost breakdown for each item.

The video, captioned "Financial Transparency", which has been viewed almost two million times, received 160,000 likes, and nearly 1,400 comments, exposed a harsh and rather unknown reality of what it means to participate in the TV franchise and the financial commitment it requires from each person.

To make matters even worse, while Daria had purchased several outfits in the hopes of staying in the Bachelor mansion for several weeks, she was eliminated night one and was only able to wear one of the six dresses she purchased for its intended purpose.


Daria says she bought her first-night entrance dress for a whopping $198. Another dress, one that she didn’t even get to wear on the show, cost her over $200.

In total, before spending money on hair and makeup, Daria reports that she spent $2,238 on her outfits. After dropping that number on TikTok viewers, Daria went on to say, “Very expensive, so um, if anyone needs to borrow a dress, let me know.”

Viewers were dismayed over the amount of money women were paying for their time on the show, without even a guarantee that they would remain in the mansion past the first night.

One commenter said she would have purchased everything from SHEIN, the online fast-fashion store that has a plethora of outfit options and significantly-reduced prices.

Daria said in the comments that she had wanted to purchase her outfits exclusively from Black designers but shipping delays prevented her from being able to do so because they would not have arrived in time for filming.


This sounds like a Rent the Runway match made in heaven to us.