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Brandon Bell/Getty Images

A mural honoring George Floyd in Toledo, Ohio collapsed on Tuesday. Witnesses say it was damaged by a lightning strike, though a building inspector says it was natural deterioration.

While a little disappointing, it seems like a fairly normal thing to happen. That is unless you're Donald Trump Jr.

Trump made a ridiculous claim that the destruction of the mural is a sign from a higher power.

The mural's destruction has brought out a vindictive contingent of the right, echoing Trump's claim that this was caused by a higher power. They even got the phrase "Even God" to trend on Twitter, implying that 'even God' is sick of hearing about George Floyd.

The only thing more ridiculous than that is Trump Jr.'s claim that he's a "builder".

Stranger still are the comments, including Jr.'s, that make a big deal over the brick being destroyed by lightning.

Evidently, for such a renowned "builder," Trump sure doesn't know what a lightning rod is for.

One might think that Trump's comments are mostly racist and foolish.

The owner of the building where the art tribute was installed is working to clean up the bricks and tear down the wall. The building underneath is still structurally sound.

The City of Toledo is making plans to commission a new mural or help the artist find a new location for the piece.