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Little Girl Goes Viral After Covering Her Scared Dog's Ears During Chinese New Year Fireworks In Sweet Video

Following current events can feel like doom-scrolling your way through total societal collapse. Allow us to shift gears for a moment and change your doom-scrolling to "d'aww!"-scrolling with a video of a little girl adorably loving on her canine companion.

The young child, whose name we don't know, is the central figure in a short video that's had millions of views and shares.

In it, she's seen standing outside in a pink coat; a fluffy black and brown dog seated beside her. Her community is celebrating Chinese New Year by setting off poppers and fire crackers - something that starts well before the massive firework display of the evening.

Dogs, as many of you know, are typically not fans of the loud popping sounds of fireworks. This particular dog doesn't seem too scared, though - possibly because of the way their kid comforts them.

She covered the pups ears and then gave some reassuring little patpats!

Cue us—and the rest of the internet—collectively losing our minds about the cute.

We're not going to lie to you - the racists came out in full force in the comments and quote tweets. Several people insinuated that the child would later eat the dog. Someone made this about Pakistan, somehow?

Racists did what racists do.

We will not give air time to that sort of hate here today. Remember, we are not doom-scrolling, we are "d'aww!"-scrolling. But if you go to Twitter to bask in the cute, brace yourself; both the cute and the classless are in full effect.