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Mike Pompeo Called Out For Hypocrisy After Giving Lecture On 'Free, Fair, And Transparent' Elections

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently took a trip to the European country of Georgia. While there, he spoke about the importance of "free, fair, and transparent elections."

Many Americans wished Pompeo's support of free and fair elections extended to Americans as well.

Pompeo loves democracy...unless it votes his boss out of office.

The state of Georgia is apparently held to a different standard than the European country.

It's hard for America to be a role model of good behavior on the global stage when we allow conspiracy theories and bad-faith actors like President Trump to control the narrative domestically.

Pompeo must have known the negative feedback he would receive from this post on Twitter.

It's high time the President and his supporters recognize the results of the American election and allow the transition process to begin.