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Daniel Craig Does Entire Interview Without Realizing His Head Is Bleeding—And His Reaction Is Priceless

British actor Daniel Craig made quite a "splash," so to speak, on Variety's "Actors on Actors" series with fellow 007 star Javier Bardem.

Bardem and Craig reminisced about when Bardem surprised Craig by jumping out of his birthday cake dressed as a Bond Girl, Skyfall—the Bond film they starred in together—and more.

But the real drama came when Bardem pointed out Craig's head wound.

A head wound Craig didn't even notice.

"Let me ask you, my friend, as a last question, what happened to you here?" Bardem asked Crag after trading banter.

"Where?" Craig said, motioning at his head, fully unaware of the bleeding wound.

"You have something here, red, on the right," Bardem continued, until Craig found the wound.

After wondering aloud why he had an open head wound, Craig at last arrived at the conclusion.

"You know what it was… they've sent me this wonderful ring flash which I've set up with an iPad in the middle of it and it just fell on my head just before."

As Bardem and Craig laughed, Craig asked how he'd made it through so many years of life.

"This is 17 years playing Bond. Can you see how accident prone I am? No wonder I get f**king injured every time I do a movie!"

Those of us who suffer injuries of unknown origin are all too familiar with Craig's confusion, but it did present a moment of levity between two friends.

Craig officially finished his run as James Bond with the release of No Time To Die in 2021.

The next James Bond has yet to be announced.