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Rudy Giuliani Slammed After Suggesting Eminem Leave The U.S. For Taking A Knee During Super Bowl
Spencer Platt/Getty Images; Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show being almost entirely comprised of Black artists making Black music, with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige among the headliners, it was only a matter of time before right-wingers started pitching a fit.

For right-wing ideologue Rudy Giuliani, however, it was the lone white person on the stage, rapper Eminem, that got him in his feelings. Like many right-wingers, the moment during Eminem's performance when he "took a knee" in reference to black-balled NFL player Colin Kaepernick's now-legendary protest against racism and police brutality, had Giuliani outraged.

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