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As if we could possibly love him more than we already do, Chris Evans is turning a negative—or at least, an extremely NSFW thing—into a positive.

After he accidentally leaked a very *ahem* adult photo of himself over the weekend, Evans disappeared from social media for a couple days, only to come back and use the attention as a call to action to save democracy. He is Captain America, after all.

Evans posted the tweet Monday morning, to the delight of tweeters everywhere.

The leaked photo the tweet references all but broke the internet over the weekend.

On Saturday, Evans posted a screencapped video to his Instagram story. But, it seemed he'd forgotten to trim the video before he posted: It included a view of the camera roll on Evans's phone, in which was a thumbnail of... well, a certain male appendage, if you will, assumed to be Captain America's very own.

The post was only up for mere seconds, but that was plenty of time for eagle-eyed observers to screenshot it and tweet it, where it instantly went mega-viral and trended on Twitter all weekend.

Also included in the shot was a thumbnail of a meme featuring Evans's face with the caption "Guard That Pus*y," a complement to the NSFW photo that made the whole thing all the funnier.

Evans himself made no comment on the leak and seemed to have disappeared from social media in its wake. But Evans's family and friends were quick to send messages of support.

Evans's costar Mark Ruffalo offered a silver lining Saturday night.

And Evans' brother, actor Scott Evans, made light of the leak on Sunday.

All that was missing was Evans's own take on the matter, and as far as Twitter was concerned, he couldn't have done any better.

People absolutely loved his self-effacing and patriotic response.

So there you have it, Captain America himself has spoken.

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