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JIM WATSON/Getty Images; Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

During an appearance on Fox News, former White House Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci had a dire warning for Republicans: Trump may destroy the GOP's chances at winning elections for a generation.

Speaking with Steve Hilton, Scaramucci said:

"The current demographic base of the Republican Party under President Trump's control will become a minority party for a generation if we don't broaden that tent and start including people that don't look like you and me."

The President of the United States, who frequently watches Hilton's show, The Next Revolution, quickly sounded off on Twitter, saying Scaramucci was a "loser."

The Mooch continued his trend of being disturbingly sane by reminding the President of his real responsibilities.

Twitter surprised itself by siding with the Mooch, dragging the President for his petty behavior.

Many reminded the President that he had hand-picked Scaramucci for his own staff.

There are much more important things the President should be focused on at this moment in history, but Donald Trump can never stay away from a Twitter feud.

The internet also paused its Trump-roasting long enough to throw some side-eye at Steve Hilton.

It doesn't take a political cenius to see Donald Trump's strategy here isn't a winning one.

President Trump would do well to heed Scaramucci's advice.

People win elections by drawing more voters in—not by pushing them away.