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Caitlyn Jenner Told CNN She Went Golfing Instead Of Voting Last Year—But Records Show Otherwise

Nearly every day, it seems Republican Caitlyn Jenner—the reality star and former Olympian who is mounting an ill-advised run for governor of California—produces a new awkward moment for the internet to digest.

On Tuesday, March 11, Jenner participated in an interview with CNN. She was asked about her voting record.

Jenner casually claimed she "didn't bother" to vote in 2020 before saying Californians should vote for her anyway because she's "cute and adorable."

And what was Jenner supposedly doing that was so much more important than voting?

She claimed she was playing golf.

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After her claim of not participating in the election process, people were skeptical of Jenner's ability to navigate the politics of a massive state like California.

Needless to say, Twitter was pretty frank in their condemnation of Jenner.

But then reports began to surface Jenner had, in fact, voted in 2020 despite claiming she hadn't.

The entire incident only served to highlight Jenner's dishonesty in the eyes of many.

Jenner's chances of winning the governorship are small, but her antics are proving hard to ignore.

There are many who feel Jenner's time in politics won't last very long.

Her polling numbers are not very good.

Only time will tell whether or not Jenner plans to vote—or admit to voting—in the 2021 election, even with her own name on the ballot.