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WATCH: 'Stranger Things' Bad Lip Reading Funny Video

WATCH: 'Stranger Things' Bad Lip Reading Funny Video

Those comic geniuses over at YouTube's "Bad Lip Reading" channel are never in short supply of claiming their next victim. And we're always thankful for that, especially now that the Netflix darling, Stranger Things became the channel's latest target.

Unlike the world created by The Duffer Brothers, Bad Lip Reading's version of Stranger Things sees Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will, wheel around town on their BMX bikes in a neighborhood that's less sinister than the Upside Down and more bright side up. They even get the cheesy 80s family sitcom theme song as a lead-in for the absurd hilarity to ensue.

It's like The Wonder Years meets ABC Afterschool Special as the gang is up for some forgivable mischief. "Don't take candy from a stranger, things like that could lead to danger," are the lyrics to the opening credits before the coming of age style narration unfolds with this particular episode.

The episode tackles prepubescent challenges like chatting it up with a girl, a tactic that doesn't come easy for Mike. His sister Nancy confronts her issues, like with her bestie Barb who wants something more than just a friendship and isn't shy about expressing herself at all. And this version of Barb sports an unusual accent we're not familiar with.

The episode is punctuated by synthesized musical interludes just like from the 80s TV shows Millennials have missed out on, elevating the camp material to further nostalgic cheesiness.

And we're treated to what "ketchup smells" looks like. Far out!

Joyce and Chief Hopper get in on the act with an intense debate over music vs. "tones."

Things get exciting with an epic scuffle between Jonathan and Steve Harrington over hair, complete with the obligatory drum machine track to amp the camp.

The 18-minute running time is just like the length of a standard sitcom without all the commercials and the scenes make no sense whatsoever, which is what makes these bad lip reading clips so golden. The characters talk about nothing, but the dialogue is everything!

Twitter was thrilled that Stranger Things finally got the Bad Lip Reading treatment.

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