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Stephen King Rips Ted Cruz's Rant About The Southern Border With Reminder Of His Own Past

The horror writer couldn't help but zing Cruz over his Cancun scandal after the GOP Senator tried to slam Biden over an 'invasion' at the southern border.

Stephen King; Ted Cruz
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images, Omar Vega/Getty Images

Master horror novelist Stephen King skewered Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz's immigration rhetoric by reminding the lawmaker's shameful past of ditching his constituents in a time of need.

Cruz tried to fearmonger Americans by warning that families were less safe because of a supposed "invasion" at the U.S. southern border.

Drawing on a favorite GOP talking point, Cruz blamed Democratic President Joe Biden for his failure on immigration policies and cited the U.S. Terrorist Screening Database indicating an increase in the number of border patrol encounters.

On Thursday morning, Cruz tweeted:

"I spend a lot of time at the southern border. I've spent a lot of time with our border patrol agents."
"It's never been remotely this bad."
"This is an invasion & our families are less safe because Joe Biden is president."

When Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott made a similar claim last month blaming the Biden administration for a border crisis, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler clarified the statistic was “misleading" since there were roughly 1.6 million names on the list–many of which were "erroneous"–and that the number of encounters reflected the number of people detained and therefore not allowed into the U.S.

King was quick to point out that Cruz, however, once famously headed in the other direction.

During the Lonestar State's record-breaking arctic snowstorm in February 2021, Cruz and his family fled south to sunny Cancún, Mexico.

The Shining and It novelist reminded the disgraced Junior Senator of his impromptu getaway:

"You’ve also spent a lot of time in Cancun."
"That’s pretty south, right?"

Twitter users were here for King's dig at the lawmaker.

Twitter users also mocked Cruz for his interpretation of the U.S. Terrorist Screening Database statistics.

Cruz promptly reversed his course the day after being spotted at the airport heading for Cancún and was lambasted online for not staying in his home state during the humanitarian crisis and coordinating relief efforts with other public officials.

King is not one to hold back when calling out the GOP and holding them accountable for their grievances.

Last month, the acclaimed best-selling author called on far-right Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert and right-wing conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia–both of whom had a major blowout on the House floor–to stop gun violence instead of being fixated on Hunter Biden.