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Sophie Turner Just Chugged Wine Like A Boss When She Popped Up On The Jumbotron During A Rangers Game

@sophiet/Instagram, @freddie.yeah/Instagram

Sophie Turner was at a Rangers game with her fiance, Joe Jonas, when the jumbotron unexpectedly cut to her after playing a clip of her character, Sansa Stark, from Game of Thrones. In that moment, Turner became a true legend as she decided to dab and chug the rest of her wine for a crowd of thousands.

Turner was so proud of the resulting video that she shared it on her own Instagram, prompting internet users everywhere to offer their praise!

There's only one person out there who might be disappointed by Sansa getting her party on:

Everyone else was beyond thrilled to see Turner knock a cold one back like the best of them!

Where did she learn to chug like that?

Turner is cementing her place as a cultural legend.

She's the Queen in the North!

There's a time to drink in moderation, and another time to get CRONK.

Other celebrities watching the video found inspiration through it. Drake wrote in the comments:

"Wow inspiration for 2020 and beyond"

Vanessa Hudgens simply wrote:


Well done, Turner, we're in awe of your chugging skills! As the Faceless Men would say: