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Sonic Just Released a Pickle Juice-Flavored Slush—& 2018 Is Relentless AF


What is this year coming to? What reality are we living in? Am I even awake right now?

These are all questions a sane person may ask when confronted with a truly sobering fact: Sonics is now serving pickle juice slush. For money. That real people will pay to drink pickle juice.

Most of the internet reacted to the news similarly:

Sonics might make their money back on purchases for reaction videos.

What world are we even living on right now?

It's been a great week for strange fast-food PR moves...

For some people, however, the pickle juice slush is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Though even its intended base has its doubts.

This debate is ripping apart the internet!

Which side will you be on...the slush supporters, or the side of sanity?

H/T - Twitter