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Shoppers Mock Would-Be Thief As He Tries To Steal A TV But Can't Even Fit It Into His Car


In a viral video, a person was caught on camera completely failing to steal a TV at a Connecticut BJ's Wholesale Club as onlookers mocked the thief's sad attempts to fit it in their car.

The video showed one person attempting to push a 55-inch Sony Bravia TV into the back seat of a Toyota Camry that, for whatever reason, just didn't fit.

Onlookers were shouting:

"Bum a** people!"
"Terrible! Terrible!"
"How are you even gonna get in there?"
"Call the police!"
"You a bum!"

When the thief couldn't get the TV into the back seat, they decided it wasn't worth it and got into the back themselves. Someone else was in the front and decided to speed off.

Another witness took the TV out of the way as the rear passenger door closed.

Their license plate was clearly visible, so this heist was definitely poorly planned.

The video posted by @xaviermcbride2 has been viewed 2.3 million times and received 131.2 thousand likes.

The comments were mixed.

Some people argued it didn't matter if this person stole from a large corporation.

Plus, none of the people in the video seemed to be employees, so why care so much?












But others were appalled so many condoned theft.





The TV ended up not being stolen and no one was hurt.