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Shawn Mendes' Shirtless Cover Photo For 'GQ' Has Fans Doing A Double Take At One Of His Tattoos

Fans couldn't help but notice a small tattoo on the singer's left arm as he showed some skin on the cover of 'GQ.'

Shawn Mendes
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The internet has seen a lot of singer Shawn Mendes this week, and while showing his skin garnered quite a lot of attention from the internet, what's on his skin sent social media into a frenzy.

On Wednesday, Mendes posted a video from his clothing line partnership with Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy X Shawn.

Much to fans' delight, Mendes removed his shirt in the video.

The 24 year old also appeared on the latest cover of GQ Spain, on which he also poses sans shirt.

While viewers of both images were impressed by his toned physique, Mendes' ink is what sent them over the edge.

As it turns out, many fans were unaware of the "Stitches" singer's tattoo on his arm that reads "Good Boy."

*Cue the Twitter storm*

While this influx of Mendes Good Boy ink obsession is new, it turns out the tattoo is not as he's actually had it for a couple of years.

But, hey, that's no reason to stop retweeting that cover shoot.