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Senior House Democrat Has Theory For How Trump Will Hold Onto The White House Even If He Loses

Senior House Democrat Has Theory For How Trump Will Hold Onto The White House Even If He Loses
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images; Alexis C. Glenn-Pool/Getty Images

In a recent interview on CNN, House Majority Whip James Clyburn braced Americans for what he feels is a likely crisis in the making: Donald Trump will refuse to leave office and, instead, extend his term.

Clyburn, a Democratic representative of South Carolina who's held office for 27 years, predicted that the president will use emergency powers to justify the move.

The Congressman made the comments during an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union." After standing by a previous comment wherein he likened Donald Trump to Fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Clyburn explained his theory:

"This guy never had any idea about being one to peacefully transfer power. I don't think he plans to leave the White House. He doesn't plan to have fair and unfettered elections."
"I believe that he plans to install himself in some kind of emergency way to continue to hold onto office."

Clyburn ended his comments with a warning.

"That's why the American people had better wake up. I know a little about history and I know how countries find their demise."
"It is when we fail to let democracy--and the fundamentals of which is a fair and unfettered election--and that's why he's trying to be a cloud over this election, floating the idea of postponing these elections."
"This is not a perfect democracy. It is better than any other that exists and I really feel that the fundamentals are being frayed and if we are not careful, this country will be lost for our next generation, our children and our grandchildren."

Clyburn's speculations came shortly after a tweet by Trump sparked outrage and concern across the United States. In the tweet, Trump cast doubt on the reliability of mail-in voting and suggested that the election be delayed until the virus was over.

Trump's suggestion has been denounced by both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill.

As for Clyburn's warning, Twitter heard him loud and clear.

Others felt confident that the president will leave. They relished how that will look.

Of course, people can only speculate until the fall when the election does occur. Only then will we see exactly how tumultuous it all goes.