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WATCH: Sean Hannity Accidentally Says 'President Clinton' on Air

WATCH: Sean Hannity Accidentally Says 'President Clinton' on Air

Fox News Host Sean Hannity turned heads on Twitter Monday night after he accidentally referred to Hillary Clinton as "President Clinton" during his show.

Hannity was in the middle of discussing the "pathetic" indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates in his opening monologue, claiming that Mueller's case has "nothing to do with Trump-Russia collusion," when he steered the conversation towards a topic that he claimed "the media will ignore:" the Iranian One scandal.

But if he wanted anyone to care about the scandal, he immediately got off on the wrong foot with his blunder.

"What did Hil--what did President Clinton," Hannity began before catching himself, "...uhh, or President Clinton-wannabe, President Obama, and key members of the administration, what did they know did about the Iranian One scandal?"

The slip happens around the 3:25 mark:

For those that care, the Iranian One, or Uranium One, scandal that Hannity is concerned about deals with how members of the Obama administration "knew in 2009 that Vladimir Putin was using bribes, extortion, kickbacks, money-laundering, and racketeering" to obtain a uranium deal in Iran, and did nothing to stop it. Instead, Hannity claims, they attempted to cover it up, including putting a gag order on "the one FBI informant that knew everything," and that the Clintons benefitted in a "massive, huge financial way" because of it.

Twitter knew that with the day's events, Fox News would be looking for a big story to divert their audience's attention away from the Russia probe:

But Hannity's slip-up was the icing on the cake that nobody was prepared for:

And they were floored:

It's nothing new for Fox to focus on other stories besides the seemingly-endless bad news for the Trump administration, but Twitter couldn't help but mock the Freudian slip:

We can dream.

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