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Dem Rep Goes Full Trump In Mocking Response To Republican's Congressional Baseball Win Boast

Dem Rep Goes Full Trump In Mocking Response To Republican's Congressional Baseball Win Boast
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Republicans beat Democrats 13-12 in the annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park yesterday, and one Democratic Representative responded to the win using some very familiar language.

California Representative Ro Khanna evoked former President Donald Trump's bogus voter fraud allegations in responding to the win, which Fox News reporter Chad Pergram noted was the first win for Republicans since 2016.

Khanna wrote:

"I don't care if the scoreboard said Republicans 13, Democrats 12. Democrats won!"
"The Republicans stole the game! I demand a recount! I want an audit!"
"Democrats must introduce new rules to make it more difficult for Republicans to hit, run, score, and catch the ball for outs."

Former President Donald Trump's claims that the 2020 election was stolen have proven quite popular among the Republican base.

His campaign launched efforts to overturn election results in key swing states, including Georgia and Wisconsin, and Republicans have continued to parrot his claims despite all evidence to the contrary.

Khanna's tweet inspired quite a few comical and similarly mocking responses.

The Congressional Baseball Game for Charity is played annually by members of Congress and has typically been attended by staffers, dignitaries, and even the President himself.

Khanna's remarks, while comical, come at a time when political polarization is high tensions remain fraught between both political parties.

Democrats have remained largely unanimous in their condemnation of Trump's conspiracy theories.

However, Republicans are largely divided between those who acknowledge President Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election and those who have devoted themselves further to the "Big Lie" and the former President's cult of personality.