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RNC Delegate Claims Biden Is 'Hiding In The Dark' Waiting To Kill Babies In Bonkers Roll Call Rant


The Republican National Convention began on Monday, August 24, and as state delegates took their turns casting their votes for a Presidential candidate, one man from Louisiana made headlines with his strange rant against Joe Biden.

Delegate Ross Little Jr. started his remarks by saying regulations on oil companies were putting the industry "under the yoke of bondage."

He went on to accuse Joe Biden of "taking away guns and ammo."

That's when things really escalated. He began shouting:

"Louisiania is a pro-life state where we love both mother and child, but where Joe Biden is hiding in the dark waiting to take the lives of our unborn babies!"

On Twitter, people couldn't help but make fun of the extreme drama of the delegate's statements.

There was a pretty stark contrast between the RNC and the DNC.

It's pretty hard to imagine Joe Biden as a terrifying bogeyman.

Meanwhile, the internet did some investigating to find out exactly who Ross Little Jr. is.

Little is, to put it lightly, not an especially modern man.

Hopefully voters don't take the word of a man like Little too seriously.

Get ready, everyone. If the RNC gets any wilder on night two, it's going to be on heck of a ride.