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Relatives Speak Out After Young Mom Is Beheaded By Ex With A Sword On California Street

Relatives Speak Out After Young Mom Is Beheaded By Ex With A Sword On California Street
KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco/YouTube

Relatives of a California mother of two who was slain by her ex-boyfriend are speaking out over the tragic loss of their loved one.

Karina Castro, 27, was beheaded by her ex with a sword on Thursday in San Carlos in the area of Laurel Street and Magnolia Avenue at 11:50 a.m, according to KRON 4.

The suspect is Castro's ex-boyfriend, Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta, 33. He is currently under arrest and charged with homicide.

Castro, who worked as a DoorDash driver, was the mother of a 7-year-old and a 1-year-old. Solano is the father of her youngest child.

Lieutenant Eamonn Allen of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect walked about two blocks away from the murder scene and was detained after returning.

"They arrived within minutes and found an obviously deceased female in the street in that area," Allen said at a press conference.

"They began to work the scene and shortly then after, the male suspect arrived back at the scene and was quickly detained by sheriff's deputies."
"He was later placed under arrest for homicide."

You can watch a news clip below.

Relatives identify young mother fatally stabbed on San Carlos

On Friday, Castro's father, Martin Castro, Jr., visited the location where a memorial to his daughter now stands.

He told NBC Bay Area:

"I feel like this is a horror movie I need to wake up from."
"None of us have eaten. None of us have slept. None of us have drank anything. Nothing."
"I can't even feel anything right now, except hurt. I'm empty."

In an interview with KTVU, Castro Jr. said of his daughter:

“She was an amazing girl. She was a great mom.”
“The most caring person I’ve known. She always had my back.”

Relatives also remembered her as being a caring and loving mother to her two children.

Castro's grandmother Danielle Gannon told KGO-TV:

“She was an amazing woman, very stubborn, determined to raise her daughters on her own."

Some neighbors were aware of Castro's volatile relationship with Solano.

One neighbor, Nathaniel Chan, recalled:

"The night before she was pacing back and forth in front of the house. And I heard she was talking really loud on the phone and said 'it feels like I've got a target on my back.'"

Law enforcement sources and Castro Jr. said his daughter had gotten a temporary restraining order against Solano back in April but had continued to interact since.

The two children did not witness the murder and were inside the home when it happened. Castro Jr. and the grandmother are trying to get both children back from CPS.

They said they found out about the murder online and are frustrated at social workers and police for failing to immediately contact them.

ABC 7 said Solano's arraignment on the murder charges has been postponed after initially being scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Friday.