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Woman's Friend Calls Her 'Disgusting' After Finding Out She's Technically Married To Her Own Stepbrother

Woman's Friend Calls Her 'Disgusting' After Finding Out She's Technically Married To Her Own Stepbrother
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As the saying goes, love tends to find you when you're not looking for it. And sometimes it does it in the weirdest and most inconvenient ways.

For example, a Redditor whose father hit it off with, and eventually married, her fiance's mother.

The Original Poster (OP), who goes by the name notakethecookie, took to the Relationship_Advice subReddit, where she asked for help:

"My friend is refusing to talk to me because she found out I'm married to my step brother."

As she explained:

"So first of all please read this before going all 'sweet home Alabama' on me."

"So I met my husband in college and when he proposed our parents met and his mother was a widow and my dad was divorced and they instantly clicked and with our permission (after a while it was weird and we weren't comfortable at first but realized they really were in love and we just want our parents to be happy) they started dating and soon were married."

"A year or so later me and my husband got married. I'll admit it's weird and kinda something you'd expect from a cheesy romance movie."

"Well my friend was staying with us for a while and it clicked to her that our parents were dating."

"She called me and my husband disgusting and predatory and said she doesn't want us around her because she felt sick just knowing us. She really really blew up on us and left before we even had the chance to explain the situation."

"I guess I'm just looking for advice she's blocked me on everything and I don't know where she lives."

"She's a good friend of mine and I don't want this to ruin it I mean I don't think it's that big of a deal but I guess maybe it is? I dunno tbh"

While OP's situation is certainly a delicate one, her fellow Redditors were nearly unanimously on her side, and thought the friendship might not be worth salvaging.

"'She's a good friend of mine'"

"She wasn't that good of a friend." --IHeal4Coffee

"Trash took itself out tbh." --Black-Cat-Society

"...This person is no friend. OP, do NOT explain a d*mn thing to her, she doesn't deserve a single syllable of your story. Be glad she is out of your life." --jokenaround

"Umm... Yeah, whether or not you want to give up on her it sounds like she has made every effort to to give up on you."

"Time for you to find / make a new friend that is A) hopefully less reactive, and B) less judgmental (especially without allowing for a perfectly reasonable explanation to be given)." --Mooncaller3

"He*l my cousin was dating a girl and that's how their parents met and ended up getting married this sh*t happens." --tendaga

"...It's kind of sweet really. And it's not like they grew up together. That friend needs to get over herself." --Charliesmum97

"She definitely sounds like the type to spread malicious gossip. People like this thrive on their perceived superiority over anyone who is the slightest bit different from them." --countzeroinc

"I wouldn't t waste my time on someone like that" --kb3rry

"If a bunch of strangers on the internet can listen to your simple explanation and understand your situation and she, a supposed good friend, cannot... Then she wasn't a good friend." --M_A_Gibbs

"I don't think the friendship is worth preserving. It's a slightly awkward situation, but where did she get "predatory" from?" --External-Count5252

"That fact that her first response to something like that was anger shows a lot about who she is as a person. If one of my friends told me that, I would laugh!"

"Yes I would probably think it's disgusting, but then get the back story and probably laugh even harder because the odds of that happening is very slim. It's not like you wanted your step brother to be your husband, you're husband just ended up becoming you step brother."

"I would ditch your 'friend'" --Karlifornia27

"Even if she want her step brother to be her husband what's the problem? People need to stop telling what is wrong and what is right in choices that in no way harm other human solely because of that particular choice." --NoOne_143

"...It's not like you didn't start dating until after you became step-siblings. Even if you did you were both adults. I'm confused by this."

"The only thing I'd recommend is making sure she has the facts and hasn't gotten something (more) twisted in her head."

"'Our parents met through us. We were already in an established relationship before they got married'."

"If she has a problem with that then there's nothing you can do."

"This is assuming she has any misconception at all." --Carigan_Pintalba

"My guess is that there's a good chance that she has a history of trauma with a relative, it's actually quite common. Her reaction would have been due to truly being triggered."

"But even if it's just that she's extremely judgmental, the advice is the same. Recognize that this is about her, not you, and respect her desire to go no contact for both of your sakes." --lamamaloca

"What do you want advice about? She heard about your situationally ironic, but otherwise normal family and blew up at you before blocking contact with you..." --bigolbabybaxter

"If she isnt willing to listen and just judged you straight off the bat and reacted like that then trust me its for the better she isnt in your life. You dont need friends like that" --depressedemobixtch

"You met as adults, and your parents got together while you are adults. I don't see any red flags here except your so called friend."

"She overreacted. And none of it is her business." --Unoriginal-person-86

This seems like a great reminder that when it comes to other people's relationship choices, it's always best to live and let live, as long as no one's getting hurt!