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Someone Changed the Raptors' Logo to Look More 'Scientifically Accurate'

Someone Changed the Raptors' Logo to Look More 'Scientifically Accurate'
Hannah Moss/Twitter

Archaeologists learn more about dinosaurs with each passing day. In fact, the way scientists visualize velociraptors has changed significantly since they made their big screen debut in Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park. Apparently, however, the Toronto Raptors NBA team hasn't gotten the memo. Their mascot is the same old raptor it's always been. Twitter user Hannah Moss did them a favor and updated the logo to reflect the most up-to-date scientific findings!

Twitter loved the more-accurate paleoart!

But, just in case the Raptors didn't like it, Moss offered a back-up.

The "scales forever" crowd was surprisingly forgiving of the re-design.

Though the science sticklers were a little harder to please...

Moss inspired other Twitter users to take a crack at a anatomically correct Raptor mascot!

The challenge has been issued, NBA! Give the fans what they want: accurate dinosaurs.

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