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'Pro-Lifer' Gets Dunked On Hard For Believing Dwyane Wade Is Part Of Roe V. Wade Case

'Pro-Lifer' Gets Dunked On Hard For Believing Dwyane Wade Is Part Of Roe V. Wade Case
Rich Fury/FilmMagic/Getty Images

There's nothing funny about the current political attack on the uterus—or, perhaps more honestly, the attack on the votes attached to those uteri—but sometimes a situation just gets so surreal that all you can do is laugh.

It can be infuriating watching laws get written into, and out of, existence with little-to-no basis in fact, evidence or reality. The feeling of watching completely uninformed legislators and pro-birth activists argue about your right to your own body is beyond maddening.

That can be especially true when that uninformed opinion is so wildly off the mark that it's embarrassing.

Like this person, who angrily tweeted about NBA star Dwyane Wade. They seem to believe Wade has overstepped his place as an athlete—first by having a trans child and now by getting "caught up in the abortion thing vs Roe."

They believe that the basketball player is somehow involved in the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion case ... that happened almost a decade before his birth.

They commented on a video posted by Variety—a video in which Wade simply answered the question the interviewer asked him.

Enter Eddy:

Sometimes, all you can really do is laugh to keep from crying, right?

So Twitter, in an act of self-preservation perhaps, activated roast mode.

And it was glorious.

It's not often that we're rendered speechless around here ... but yeah... we got nothing.

There's just nothing to say when you're not even playing with the same deck of cards, you know?

We, like most folks, opted to just laugh, hydrate and try not to let this get our blood pressure up.